The following services are available through our Protective Services Division:

We offer a wide variety of protective services. You wish to have safe world tour then we can ensure your travel safely. After conducting travel report the safety of your journey is ensured.

In the foreign land you are as safe as you are in India, with our protective agents. “Your wish is our command” So you get what you desire with our protection around you. If you are expecting foreign delegates and you want to ensure their safety, then, we take care of complete security cover for them. Our experts design safe travel routes for them, assess the threat or risk situation, evaluation and give them the much needed security cover.

Social birds have good news !!! We not only provide protection agents but through our expert networking skills, the socialites can go to any hottest spots in town, night clubs, restaurants, private resorts, discs. Our VIP protection services are premium and full proof.

These services are offered at very competitive rates. The scope and area of our operational network extends beyond that. Our services are available to you round the clock. we understand your security needs, so,we have a wide spectrum of security services to suit your need. You can call for free confidential consultation. Our company will be pleases to ensure your security.

Our professional security services network, awaits your call.


Cosmopolitan security is synonymous with courage's and committed security personnel's. These security personnel's., immaculately dresses in impressive uniforms are well equipped and well educated.